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  • Every institute says that they deploy real time faculties for training and that their training involves real time examples and scenarios. But it is not the reality which students get to know only after joining the course. I could see the same promise in you too. How could we believe in this?
  • This has become a traditional promise that every institutes give. One way to ascertain this you could have a glance of the training material to confirm before joining.

  • What’s special about your training when every training teaches you similar keywords and functionalities?
  • One factor that student has to bear in mind is that the technical expertise does not just end up in learning keywords or functionalities. Its all about “thought process”. In this context, “thought process” refers to the way a students’ brain think and works to achieve a technical solution.

    My training focusses on this “thought process”. Given a problem, they are many ways of solving it. But a developer brain becomes more active as and when he understands the problem and starts figuring out the solution(s) for it. If I see this thought process below average, I will put-in efforts to kindle it. But remember, this a two-way process and students should co-operate.

  • Do you give assignments for practice as a part of your course material?
  • Yes. I will give assignments which will have a fair coverage of all the topics. I will expect students to attempt it and let me know if they need assistance. But, the more the practice, the more good it is for students.

  • If person wishes to switch over his career to I.T, what do you suggest?
  • Remember, lack of knowledge will pull a person back sometime or the other. For sure, “there is no substitute for hard work”.

    If one does not have inclination to acquire knowledge or passion to learn, survival in the technology will go on stake.

  • Though I could see positive reviews about you from my friends, they also feel that your fee is marginally high compared to other instiutes. Why is this?
  • When deciding the fee chargeable for a course, you need to consider various parameters like quality of materials, the time spent for the course, impact of infrastructure, quality of training etc. All the monetary investments that are made in the above parameters should be recoverable from the fee.

    Once you complete few training sessions, then students will realise that my fee is not high. Rather it is less for the stuff they get.

    Another important thing for students to note is that, the fee that I charge for various technologies are the original fee and is not at all exorbitant. Then, why do other institutes charge very less or rather, how much of stuff do they cover for the fee they charge is something that Students need to figure out from other institutes.

  • How many students you accommodate in a single batch? If the strength is more, how do you normally handle it?
  • Under the current situation, I don’t engage beyond three students in a batch. Even if the count increases by one, I have to organize a new batch only.

  • Apart from realtime assignments and examples that you provide in training, is there anything additional you provide that will benefit students?
  • I believe in check-point sessions. Check-point sessions are small duration of time where students will be given a problem their approach tested. I arrange check-point sessions at random to test how much a student is comfortable with and how much he lags behind.

  • As a faculty what guarantee could we get from your side regarding training and job assistance?
  • I can assure that I will provide the training of utmost quality. If you opt to learn under my training, I would suggest you to follow the assignments and exercises I give you from time to time and try to progress the way I guide you.

    Once the training and assessments are completed, I will arrange two rounds of MOCK interviews and will let you know if you are eligible enough to give interviews to companies. If you stick to my guidance, you will not struggle in making the interviews through, and I COULD PROMISE THAT YOU WILL CLEAR THE FIRST INTERVIEW ITSELF. Whereever required, I will offer placement SUPPORT to deserving students too.

  • I hear from few people in the market that Oracle Forms and reports is declining as Oracle corporation is moving to Java. Is this true?
  • This is just a speculation and shows one's lack of knowledge about the software. The sorry state of affairs here is that even experienced managers in IT assumes this is true.

    Remember, for a better look and feel in Oracle ERP, Oracle has come up with Oracle APPS Framework that is built on JAVA, but still Forms and reports is in use. Still there are various forms based out of Oracle Forms 10G. To reduce the level of customizations in ERP and compete with other vendors like SAP, Oracle has moved to Fusion with ADF (Application Dev. Framework). All these points hold good only for ERP, where Forms and reports are still used by and large.

    Adding to this, other non-ERP projects use Oracle Forms / reports to a great extent. So, keep it in mind that D2K is not declining atleast for the next 12 years, which Oracle itself has revealed in one of its article. Moreover, Oracle 11G uses the concept of Weblogic server and has come up with lot of enhanced capabilities. For a pleasant surprise, Oracle 12C is on the way with the concept of Advanced queueing. With these many new features, you can take for granted that Oracle Forms/reports is NOT DECLINING FOR NOW and there is a long way to go.

  • As a student, I struggle to choose the training institute because all institutes promise quality training, assignments,quality materials, real time examples etc. How could you convince me that yours is the best training?
  • How does an ice cream taste? You will get to know only when you taste it. This means that you need to take a chance.

    You could analyse a bit on the goodwill of the institutes and their way of training by going thru' their google reviews and collecting information. Once you analyse and feel convinced, you can decide.

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